“Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare”: as we were preparing to enter the new year, we asked you - our creative community to share with us the aspirations and intentions for 2019.

We have been moved and inspired by your responses, coming from all over the world. You told us that, in a world driven by technology, human relationships are more essential than ever. That time is precious and that we need to disconnect from our screens to pay attention again to others and find inspiration from them. That, as creatives and designers, we can play a role inventing more sustainable and inclusive experiences that also have a social impact. That by changing ourselves, we can change the world, and that each human being is a treasure. And finally, that we need to take action and play our part, no matter how small or big, because every idea counts and because our planet needs it.

We invite you to discover our community’s intentions for 2019 and we hope they will inspire you as much as they inspire us! On behalf of the eÿeka team, I wish you a meaningful, creative and fulfilling 2019!" 

                                                       - Francois Petavy, CEO at eÿeka!